That’s it !!!

We have officially give up on finding translators so we will take things into our on hand, we will translate our project on our own however any help will be appreciated .

So bottom line we are not dead, still working -very slow though- , any help is welcome .



4 thoughts on “That’s it !!!

  1. D’aww QAQ, I liked this series~~~ but no release for 300+days and I think you finally gave up, well I AM learning Japanese so I can TL my fave books/series I would help, but atm i can only read it if it has furi(small kana) next to the kan’ji… Learning vocab and sentence structure slowly XD

    • Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this but, I only know a few words like 12 words and some particles… so I use GTL(google translate) for single word finding, not sentences because GTL’s grammar IS FREAKIN’ HORRIBLE DX

    • Well it’s not like we’re Have given up it’s just that are our own translation aren’t running smoothly as we have planed. We are still on the look for a Translators and even will pick up a series of there choice.
      So until we have translation no releases.


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