That’s it !!!

We have officially give up on finding translators so we will take things into our on hand, we will translate our project on our own however any help will be appreciated .

So bottom line we are not dead, still working -very slow though- , any help is welcome .



We are not dead…. yet anyway!

Hi there long time without any post or updates on the series.

But don’t worry we still on it we completed cleaning the fourth volume and already started on the fifth volume, however the reason that there was no releases recently is because there¬† are no translators, Liquid Light ¬†agreed to clean two more projects if we find him translators.

So bottom line is we are alive, still working, and we really really need translators so if you know Japanese or know a person who know Japanese or know a person who know a person who know Japanese tell them to drop by.



We are looking for Japanese to English translators for Kamen No Maid Guy manga, There aren’t any translation from chapter 14 and up .

And we don’t see how we can continue our releases in this way.

if you can help send us an E-mail to .

we look for long commitment but “one chapter stand” is fine by us.